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5 Most Common Mistakes Made by Start-Up Web Designers


Websites are the most common forms of digital marketing, widely developed by companies to reach out to a diverse list of potential customers worldwide.

They provide a more natural means of relaying information about their products and services due to the vast range of technological devices available at the hands of users.

Unfortunately, there comes an alarming situation of having a poorly made web design, the reason being budget constraints.

Lack of sufficient resources or the work of amateur designers, leading to lesser web traffic produced, companies eventually facing a loss.

The following are some common errors that fresh web designers make when designing and developing a website.

Overloaded Elements

Visitors have a very limited attention span; within a few seconds, they decide to either stay on the website or divert them away to other competitor websites.

To prevent the rollback of web traffic is imperative for designers to adopt a more minimalistic approach, meaning less is more. An overcrowded site never fulfils the purpose of good website design, using crammed up text, improper use of whitespace and typography are some of the examples that output an ill-designed website.

The main aim of a website is to portray pertinent information that helps users understand what they intend to do.


A confusing website is such that diverts user’s minds into the thought of how to go about it on a website. It is one that consists of improper use of colour pallets, images and some other elements with no reference or connections to each other.

A site that lacks cohesiveness, conveying too much information on a limited number of pages can lead to a user being confused and missing out on pertinent information, having a clouded mind of thoughts and conjecture. Best Website Design Company in UK maintains consistency and proper use of themes and layouts to make it understandable for customers to find what they are looking for with ease.

Call to Action

CTA is one of the essential elements involving web design. It tells visitors what to do, for example adding one-liner on links to help them navigate to a specific page.

Having a sufficient amount of information is necessary to tell exactly what they are going to get by performing a particular action. By implementing a terrible CTA on a website can lead to user confusion and frustration of not being able to find relevant information.

CTA provides promotional offers as well such as by clicking a link to avail discount on products or some other services that help businesses to have a gateway to reach out to a broader audience.

Poor Typography & Whitespace

Content is an essential part of a website that tells users about a business plus the products and services that it offers. It’s crucial to have the proper use of negative space to make the content look cleaner and readable to users.

Whitespace helps to define elements individually, to make large blocks of text understandable and less intimidating. Moreover, typography plays a vital role in how content is displayed that persuades users to be engaged, and relevant content showed.

The use of fonts can help differentiate sections that draw more user attention. Startup designers would be less focused on paying attention to font styles and attributes, creating distracting and unappealing content.


Web design doesn’t always mean focusing on good aesthetics and high-quality layouts but also having a responsive and intuitive web design is of significant importance.

A responsive website is that works on both mobiles and desktops, also being widely available on multiple platforms. Users generally want quick responses to get what they desire, which makes a website being responsive as one of the highest priority factors.

Amateur designers will fulfil the purpose of building visually appealing designs besides focusing on giving a fluid experience. Best Website Design Company in the UK ensures designing layouts in a way that doesn’t compromise on providing aesthetically beautiful arrangements, having the cohesiveness of having a mobile-friendly website to ensure the best rankings.

Keeping in mind the target audience and the brand itself is a crucial step towards web designing. Some principles of web design, such as the use of proper colour pallets and fonts, might seem rudimentary to some designers. Best Website Design Company in the UK, regard these principles to create a page layout that differentiates it from other aggressive competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

1. What are the issues in web designing?

There are many issues while doing any work but when it comes to web designing you need to be logically correct and should have a creative mind while designing a page in any part of the website. issues you need to overcome such as:

  • Outdated Designs
  • Using the same images or icons
  • Too many colours and font variants
  • Looping errors
  • Website optimization issues

2. What are the strengths of a website?

While designing a website every web developer needs to be well optimized and should contain the following:

  • Mobile compatibility
  • Any user can access at any location
  • Well planned informational content
  • Fast loading time
  • Easy navigation
  • Browser consistency(Should be accessible from any web browser)
  • Valid Markup code(Schema markup)
  • Forms(Only if necessary)

3. Does having a website increase business?

Yes, having a website with meaningful content help you grow your business exponentially without many efforts. Just by explaining about your products or services you can get unlimited customers.

4. Why Your Small Business Needs a Website?

Every small business needs a website because now every single small business owner wants a good profit from his work. He needs to go for online customers instead of asking someone to buy your products or service.

5. Why you need a professional website?

A professional website is nothing but previewing your content in some attractive way so that your website looks professional. To make a professional website you need to have the following:

  • Good website design
  • professional fonts
  • Clear images
  • well structured website architecture


So above we have discussed 5 mistakes that a start-up web designers do. If you are one among them try to avoid all these mistakes and start coding professionally.

If you found this article useful please feel free to share it with your buddies who are new to this field.

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