Best 6 virtual reality games(Must play) in 2020


“If 4K interactivity with high framerate and HDR bolster isn’t sufficient to make you feel drenched in your games, you should quit taking a gander at the TV and put on a computer-generated simulation headset.

Regardless of whether you’re playing on PlayStation 4 or PC, there are a lot of VR games to look over a few kinds, and we’ve chosen probably the best of them per stage”.  

You can even enjoy a lot of gaming sensation on (X Games) by Angelium.

Virtual reality games


OurWorld is an acclaimed virtual world that enables you to collaborate with different players and play online smaller than regular games as well.

This game is planned particularly for youngsters and incorporates all the fun and highlights for them. The game uses money named Flow, which can be earned by performing different exercises, for example, messing around, performing various errands, and in any event, moving.

You can likewise exchange the cash for coins or EXP. 

2.Second Life 

Second Life is an astounding IMVU elective which is additionally accessible for nothing. The game is made by Linden LAB and is convenient for PC and MAC since 2003.

This game is ideal for adolescents and has various customization choices and conceivable outcomes. Interestingly, you can likewise make genuine cash by offering the game money to any other person.

The game has individuals from all around the globe, which enable you to meet various individuals and make new companions. 

The game has a tremendous virtual world that enables the players to investigate it in detail and cooperate with one another. You can purchase a lot of things in the game and exchange the items with different players or clients in the game.

There are numerous social exercises excessively, for example, clubs and get-togethers that will give you a genuine bliss while you’re playing. The game cash is called ‘Linden dollar,’ which can be utilized for making exchanges and furthermore convert it into dollars to gain some money and have a ton of fun simultaneously. 


Another ideal option of IMVU is Habbo, which was once called as Habbo lodging. On the off chance that you love virtual world games, you should be acquainted with this name as it was extremely mainstream around then.

Habbo was once so well known that it had about 5 million enrolled clients consistently, the more significant part of which were young people. In this game, you need to utilize symbols, and you can meet and interface with individuals from around the globe, mess around with them, and get virtual pets as well. 

Habbo additionally has a portable adaptation which enables you to play the game on Android and iOS stages. The game is prominent on account of its inn highlight, which gives a genuine impression of hoteling.

There are rooms which enable you to remain there and move clubs and eateries as well. You can likewise make rooms in the lodging for visitors, which you can alter effectively and welcome your companions to live there. 

4.I Expect You to Die 

The Oculus Rift is flawlessly fit for messing around initially implied for customary consoles or PC, yet Schell Games wasn’t keen on that market.

Instead, the studio created I Expect You to Die, a game that can just exist in augmented reality. As a supernatural mystery specialist, you must escape from and invade an assortment of perilous situations, utilizing things you find in the earth, furthering your potential benefit.

The stick of a fire douser can be utilized to incapacitate an explosive, while a defective pipe can chill off a motor pleasantly. Schell Games may anticipate that you should bite the dust, yet you don’t need to acknowledge your destiny. 


Contact is another intriguing virtual game and is exceptionally prominent among young people. It is a move game that includes K-Pop moving.

In the event that you love moving and this kind of games, you’ll love to play it with different players from around the globe. It is uniquely intended for the Korean pop fans on the planet, and it incorporates customization alternatives as well. 

In this game, you can make your popular music with superb designs customization alternatives, so you appreciate the universe of fame.

You simply need to make a record and pick genes for your symbol and afterward alter the symbol in like manner. The game enables you to coordinate the developments with keystrokes and music.

6.Toontown Rewritten 

Toon town Rewritten is an allowed to-play recovery of Disney’s Toon Town, a virtual play area where you can at long last experience your first-individual fantasy about being an animation.

The game is appropriate for kids and is brimming with inventive urban communities that are fun and enlivened with brilliant hues and a great deal of wacky intelligence. 

You’ll begin in Toon town Rewritten by making your very own one of a kind character, picking one of the numerous creature species, for example, a pant wearing bipedal canine or a spruced up crocodile.

The world is loaded up with a lot of games and exercises that are very of the city, and you’ll even get the chance to ward off three-piece, pinstripe-fit, attacking corporate robots with an assortment of upgradeable muffles, including tossing pies, dropping iron blocks, and squirting water to be utilized against them.


So we have discussed some of the virtual reality games that are interesting to play in 2020. If you are a gamer and you have any other games to play in the virtual world please comment below.

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