Best Budget Smart Home Devices in (2019-20)


If you have deep pockets, it is now possible to completely transform your house into a Smart Home with a single portable control system for everything from lights and music, to heating and security.

Smart Home devices
Best budget smart home devices 2019

We have gathered a list of best budget smart home devices to meet your low budget. These bespoke systems cost several thousand and take a lot of work to install.

However, if you are intelligent, and do some creating thinking, it is possible to create a smart home on a budget.

Smart Home Essential

If you want to add Smart Home features to your home, you will need to ensure a few essentials are in place first, aside from the mart gadgets we will look at in a moment.

1. Wifi

Almost without exception, smart tools and gadgets will need to connect to a wifi network to work correctly.

This is how the devices share information and how they are controlled remotely. This means you need to have a relatively stable and robust wifi network setup in your house.

Without a wireless network in place, a smart home on a budget is not possible.

2. Controls

The smart home gadgets we will be looking at here all require a companion controller app to be installed on a phone or tablet.

This can be inconvenient to have on your current phone, so ideally use and old phone or tablet as a dedicated controller (the phone or tablet doesn’t need to be very powerful, but remove anything not required for the smart home control).

3. A Plan

There are limitations with this budget smart home setup, as you might expect. For example, it is unlikely that you will be able to replace every light-bulb with a smart light-bulb and control all of them from a single app. It is therefore important to have a plan as to what your priorities are. For example, just having a smart bulb in your lamps, not the main light fittings.

Best Smart Home Gadgets

Let’s take a look at some of the many smart home gadgets available, to give you ideas for your budget smart home hopefully.

1. Awox SmartLED 7w Bulb (Price Starts From $17)

Perhaps the most simple smart home tech, these smart bulbs are affordable, reliable and can be set up to be controlled individually or as a group from a single easy to use the app. You can control both the brightness and the color of the bulb wirelessly.

2. D-Link Smart Plug (Price starts from $30)

The D-Link home smart plug helps you to turn on or off your electronic devices from everywhere, either you are outside, or you are inside of your home.

This smart mains hub adapter takes control of your devices through a wifi internet connection and provides you wireless control for your all tech devices, i.e. heaters, TVs, and many others.

3. Avantree Saturn (Price starts from $44)

The Avantree Saturn is both a Bluetooth receiver and transmitter allowing you to connect Bluetooth music devices to no-Bluetooth speakers or vice-versa.

This means you can use your old school CD player with your latest Bluetooth speakers and because Avantree has used the most recent’ aptX’ decoder the music is HD quality.

4. Perfect Bake Smart Baking (Price starts from $50)

Perfect Bake includes everything you need to achieve this, creating delicious cookies, muffins and all kinds of tantalizing snacks and treats that will make your mouth water.

Perfect Bake does all the measuring for you, taking any of the complications away and helping you become a master chef.

5. Spigen Pan & Tilt HD Camera (Price starts from $81)

Monitor your home from anywhere with the wifi-enabled HD Camera with night vision from Spigen. Featuring two-way audio, pan and tilt controls, you can be assured of seeing the whole picture no matter what the time of day. 720P HD video monitoring with IR-Cut provides a crystal clear picture.

6. Samsung SmartThing (Price starts from $200)

The SmartThings Starter Kit lets you monitor, control and secures your home from anywhere. Including in the Starter Kit are several devices from the Samsung SmartThings range, including the hub, Motion Senor, multi-sensor.


I hope you are gone like your collection of best budget smart home devices. If you have some in your mind, please let us know using the comments section below.

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