Best Programming Apps For Android in 2020


Welcome to the new topic i.e. Best Programming apps for android, to get started we need to know can we write programming code in mobile phones? The answer would be “yes” why I am saying this is if we work on any project based on programming we need a laptop or computer.

Best programming apps for android

If you are a student and you don’t have enough money or some other family-related problems, But your aim is to learn something basics or get targeted work on mobile then you must have to focus on some of the best apps that are really helpful to you in learning programming on mobile phone i.e. android

As android is the best platform for any kind of app development and most of the developers find it easy to code android(Kotlin) rather than apple software or application. Nowadays everyone owns a smartphone either an android or an apple, but the thing is we use it only for capturing pictures, gaming or music videos, etc. There’s a lot to do on an android device and an Apple device.

One thing we need to keep in mind that either we code on mobile or laptop or computer the concepts would be the same and eventually it leads to the same output. In my view, if you are a beginner and want to make a carrier in a programming world you must dive into the deep levels of programming. If you want to do so, you need a computer or a laptop as the industry allows doesn’t allow you to code on mobile phones.

If you search in a market you will get to know that the price range of a mobile phone is quite similar to a Second-hand laptop. Electronic devices in second-hand markets are available in tons, as every other guy in the world wants to taste the new gadgets either by earning or crying in Infront of elders.

Here are the best programming apps for android in 2020

  • Programming Hub : 

“Coding and programming app to learn HTML, Javascript, C, C++, C#, Swift, Python, R Programming, Java, Artificial Intelligence(AI), CSS, etc. 

It is a Free App you don’t need to spend on learning something good for future development.

Programming Hub android application
  • Programming Hero : 

It is again the best app for beginners as it explains the concept of coding with games of your choice and it will help the beginner-level programmers to learn perfectly with real world examples and train you well that you can remember the concepts of programming at any instance.

Programming Hero Android app
  • SoloLearn : 

It is a well-known app in the google play store as it has both versions paid and free, but as a beginner, if you choose the free version it will help you a lot in learning some good stuff out there. Here you will forums so that you can discuss your questions directly with the users of the app and also the admin, most of the time your query gets solved by the community guys.

It also provides quizzes like games to better understand the programming concepts and many more. 

SoloLearn android app
  • Dcoder : 

I consider this app to be best for those who want to practice along with learning. It enables you a platform to write a code of your kind and develop some basic concepts along with regular learning.

Dcoder programming app
  • Pydroid :

As the name suggests it is based on Python programming language, it has tons of examples to get solve your questions based on python scripting. It is a completely offline app that runs without the internet. If you want to be good in python programming start with this app it will help you reach the goal.

Pydroid android app


So, lastly, my advice is if you want to learn programming start with a mobile phone and end up with a laptop or computer, why am saying this because luckily based on your performance if you get a  job in any company or firm you will be given laptops or computers to work on.

Depending on your current situation choose your platform and start learning. If you don’t start now you will regret it after as the world is getting updates in technology.

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