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The Complete Guide to Social Media Checklist for [2019]


Social media checklist provides you the ways to get lots of traffic to your blogs and WordPress sites.


Social media is a platform where you can get millions of traffic, It is very helpful for new bloggers or someone who already in this field but don’t know how to use social media platforms for better engagements.

The checklist is nothing but the ways to crack the social media platforms for unlimited traffic and better engagements like.

  • What to post?
  • How to post?
  • What content to post?
  • When to post?

These are some of the questions which arise for every blogger and who are likely to enter into this field.

So today I will show you a social media checklist that can boost up your traffic in just a few days.

1.Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quote-techsniff

These are the basic ones to boost up your page or blog, this is a very impactful act while interacting with many newbies. Create your own thoughts, ideas which you have experienced in your life or You can post others thoughts by explaining why this thought fits your character and also why it suits others to follow the quotes.



Post the challenges you faced in your career or in a particular project or profession. If you have good followers(fans) on social media platforms then post something that is challenging for users to complete in a specified time. Give some tasks that can help in their business so that they can follow you.

3.Epic Content(Unique Content)

Unique content-techsniff

Everyone in this world wants something new or the topic should be in an attractive way so that users can easily fall in love with your content and follow you instantly.

So, to engage good traffic pick some latest and trending topic on which people are searching more and try to cover up the topic very neatly so that user should not go for other pages after reading your article or post.

4. Ask Questions(Questionnaire)

Ask questions-techsniff

If you have created a platform where you are focusing on health-related issues. Ask people something that is related to diseases or the treatment which they are going through in this way they can help each other in being your social media platform.

Readers are a lot on the social media so try something asking some questions related to your niche.

5.Personal Blog Post

Personal blogpost-techsniff

If you maintain a blog or website on the internet and have articles published on it, Pick up the blog article and post it on social media platforms so that users will look over it and if they like the article they will definitely follow you. Your own content is the best way to get more followers, keep this in mind.



A tutorial is the most searched term in this world of the internet. Post something that shows “How to find keywords” or something that can help readers to learn a new technology or new methods that you know and others don’t.

Show something that can help them not like posting something that has no solution or irrelevant topic.

7.Case studies

Case study-techsniff

This is something like your experiences that you have when something has happened like “Getting a first client” this shows readers that how you have struggled and what the methods you applied to get the first client and also you can share the customer feedbacks, customers who are satisfied by your work, etc.



Social media is the only platform where you can get lots of engagements just by posting in your social media accounts. Promotion is like if you have amazon affiliation or something that has some good offers you can say reader’s like “ Hey i have some product that can benefit in your career in affordable prices and discounts”

alert: Never post the amazon affiliate links in the social media platforms.

Because amazon or most of the affiliates block the account if they found the user is from so and so the post of social media platform.

Instead, create a page in WordPress and put affiliate links on that page and now post that URL in your social media platforms.

9.Popular Old content

Popular old content-techsniff

Some of the topics never get old like “ How to activate windows” People are still searching for activators etc. So, if you have such articles in your blog or website post it on social networks and you will definetly see the changes to that page or blog it will boost the traffic soon.



Above we have discussed one trick that asks something that is related to their niche, their readers are mutually discussing the topic you have just asked the question. In this case, you need to say “Ask your doubts” or something related to that. If you answer all the questions people are more likely to follow you.


So from the above article i have shown you the tactics that can help you growing your business online with the help of social media checklist.If you have questions regarding content and anything that is not understandable please let me know by commenting below.

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Best #5 Youtube Channel Name Generator Updated{2019}

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