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Cybersecurity tools are something every business must take seriously. With a record number of hacking attacks targeting companies of all sizes(small, medium or large), it is important for every company to be aware of the threats and invest the resources needed to stay safe. Many aspects of defense may have to be taken into account, but which ones are most important for the long-term protection of cybercriminals and hackers?

Here are five essential tools and services that all businesses must invest in to make their cybersecurity as strong as possible.

cybersecurity tools for business

1. Firewall

As cyber hackers and cybercriminals become more sophisticated and defenses get stronger, you can assume that a firewall is outdated. And although a firewall is probably the most basic security tool, it is still one of the most important. Your job is to block unauthorized access to your system.

A firewall monitors network traffic as well as connection attempts, deciding whether or not to be able to freely pass through your network or computer. Of course, even if they are useful, they have limits. Experienced hackers have learned to create data and programs to make firewalls trustworthy, which means that the program can pass through the firewall without any problem. Despite these limitations, firewalls are still very effective at detecting the vast majority of less sophisticated malicious attacks in your company.

2. Antivirus Software

If you run a business and do not have much experience in cybersecurity, you could assume that the terms “firewall” and “antivirus” are synonymous, but that is not the case. You need a powerful security server and updated antivirus software to maintain the security of your system. By 2018, both remain essential components of your cybersecurity.

Antivirus software will alert you to viruses and malware, and many will also provide additional services, such as scanning emails, to ensure they do not contain attachments or malicious web links.

Modern antivirus programs take useful protection measures, such as quarantining potential threats and eliminating them. There is a wide range of antivirus software and you can easily find a package adapted to the needs of your business.

3. PKI Services

Many people only associate PKI with SSL or TLS, the technology that encrypts server communications and is responsible for the HTTPS protocol and padlock that you see in your browser’s address bars.

While SSL is extremely important, not only for public security sites but also for their internal networks, the ICP can solve a series of common problems related to cybersecurity and deserves a place in the security suite of each company.

In addition to server security, as mentioned above, the PKI can be used for:

  • Enable multifactor authentication and access control. Make sure that only approved users, machines and devices can access and use their networks.
  • Encrypt email communications and authenticate the identity of the sender.
  • The digital signature and encryption of all internal emails mitigate the risk of phishing and data loss by clearly verifying the origin of the message so that recipients can identify legitimate emails from phishing attempts and only intended recipients can access the content of emails.
  • Build identity and trust in IoT ecosystems. By assigning a unique identity to each IoT device/endpoint, they can authenticate themselves when they connect and throughout their lives, test their integrity and communicate securely with other devices, services, and devices. users

4. Managed Detection Services

As cybercriminals and hackers have become more sophisticated and the techniques and software they use are more advanced, it is necessary for companies to invest in more powerful defenses.

In 2018, it is no longer enough to have defenses that react to threats. Instead, they should be proactive and identify attacks before they cause problems.

Cybersecurity has stopped investing in technologies that try to prevent an attack on advanced services that react and detect potential security problems and respond to them as quickly as possible.

It is far less damaging to identify and eliminate an attack before it spreads than to try to handle an attack already well established on your computer network.

5. Penetration tests

Penetration tests are an important way to test your company’s security systems. In an intrusion test, cybersecurity professionals will use the same techniques that hackers use to detect potential vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities.

A pencil test tries to simulate the type of attack that a company can face from hackers, from hacking passwords to code injection and phishing.


Once the test is completed, the evaluators will show you their results and can even help you by recommending possible changes to your system. So, these are some of the cybersecurity tools that can help to protect in every business

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