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The Amazon Smart Plug is an on/off voice switch that you can control with Alexa. This week I set up two lights to use in my home, and I love them. The plug has more than 3,800 reviews and 4.5 stars on Amazon.

amazon smart plug
source: amazon.com

1. This can create the default lights smarter.

Quite often thought about placing smart lights in your bedroom? You can turn on and off your lights with your voice or automatically within your Alexa morning routine.

It’s quite magical as to how to set up your Alexa echo dot in a magical way. Use the Amazon Smart Plug to make your current lights smart. It is very simple to install and less expensive than many of the good, smart light kits for $25.

2. The smart plug can also be used for other devices

Use it as part of Alexa’s morning routine to turn on a coffee maker. Alternatively, to activate a fan or your window AC unit. 

coffee maker smart plug
source: amazon.com

How to use it?

When on the left-hand side of the plug is the small blue light, you’ll recognize the smart plug is on now.

alexa smart plug echo
source: amazon.com

Three different forms to switch your smart plug.

1. Voice command

“Your Device name(Alexa), turn on [your plug name].” Best Uses of Amazon Alexa Smart Plug & Easy Set-up Guide.

Clearly remember that you can not ask Alexa to tone down a light if you use your smart plug, because the smart plug works as an on/off button.

2. Through Alexa app

Go to bottom navigation bar > Plugs > switch on and off.

3. In the course of a routine of Alexa

Say, as an aspect of a daily wake up method, you want to light on your house (or your tea maker).

Go to the icon on the upper left in the Alexa app > Routines > + button on the top right.

Tap When > Schedule > Choose time and repeat (maybe weekdays) > click Done at the bottom.

Tap Create Action – Smart home – Control DeviceMain plug – Switch on -Next if you are entered in a new routine tab. This brings you home to the New Routine tab once again. To generate your old routine, press Save in the upper right corner.

This brings you home to the New Routine tab once again. To generate your old routine, press Save in the upper right corner.

“Setup is effortless

Automatically setup

alexa smart plug
source: amazon.com
  • One of the coolest things regarding the plug is that you get the easy setup.
  • You must take your package plug apart (but maintain your package until the configuration is complete).
  • Stick it to the wall.
  • Open the Alexa application.
  • Please give it a couple of seconds for the connection.
  • navigation bar > Plugs.
  • Moreover, yes, there’ll be your new Smart Plug ready to use.

Do not be afraid that you do not get automatic set-up

The set-up takes place automatically for most people. However, it doesn’t, for a few. The Amazon Smart Plug was not working with one that I bought. Follow these simple steps if it didn’t work for you to get your plugin action:

  • In the bottom navigation bar, tap the Devices
  • (+ Icon in Alexa App’s top-right hand corner) 
  • Add your DevicePlugAmazon.

You’re going to land on a 2D bar code request tab. The code can then be found in the box’s quick start guide (thus I told you the packaging should be kept). You may scan the code from the back of the plug.

Follow simple instructions given on-screen.

It will surely mean that you have no automatic smart plug-in setup if you have not gone through the last section. This probably means you haven’t saved your Amazon wireless password and you have enabled WiFi to set it up quickly.

You can check if you have backed up your wireless passwords (remove yourself in Amazon for this link to work, scroll back and click on the Save Wireless passwords) or you can keep reading and skip it now if you’d rather not mess up this (or ever!) with that.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

1. What is Amazon Smart Plug?

Amazon smart plug lets you control over your home gadgets like coffee maker, fans, lights and many more. You need to have Alexa enabled devices such as firebase, echo, etc. It is completely amazon’s product with many sales and trusted products.

2. How does Amazon smart plug work?

Amazon plug must be connected to a wifi network,it lets you control over your lights, fans, coffee maker etc. Just a gadget can do your routine works easily without many complexions.

3. Can I use a smart plug to turn on my TV?

No, you cannot use it with TV as they go in standby mode when they are turned off.

4. How do I rename my Amazon smart plug?

Refer the article above to better understanding of the smart plug renaming

5. Are smart plugs safe?

Yes, smart plugs passed the safety standard guidelines as other devices you can use it easily just by plugging into the wall. But one thing any electrical device is safe until you do safe things with them


Above we have discussed how to set up Alexa and smart plug hope you understand it.try the amazon product as it makes your routine works quickly when you feel lazy.

If you have any queries regarding this article you can comment below or ping me for more details.

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