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On Page Seo: A Simple (But Complete) Guide


On-page Seo is the main concept of Search engine optimization.If you have difficulty in driving traffic to your website or blog as a beginner you need to learn the complete guide and simple to understand for millions of traffic.


Everyone wonders basically what is SEO? And why people are more sensitive about it.SEO is something like showing the products or blogs at the top of the competitor. Consider you are the owner of “Digital Marketing Agency” and near to you, there is another digital marketing agency that provides the same services as you.

But as the SEO point of view, he is not your competitor. He might provide the services whatever you provide but the logic which agency is getting more organic traffic to avail the services provided is the main concept.

If you think that the person behind you is the only competitor you are absolutely wrong every individual who provides the services of digital marketing in your area is your competitor not only area but also all the geographic locations to which you can provide the services.

As of now, we are here to learn about What is On-page SEO?
On-page SEO is nothing but “whatever you do at the time of publishing the content is called On-page Seo”.

Now let us understand it deeply about On-page SEO concepts.

1.Main keyword in the “Post/Page Title”

This actually means that if you wanted to write an article about something we usually do keyword research. After finding an appropriate keyword we start writing on that keyword.
Ex: consider a keyword “How to do Seo” is the main keyword on which you want to write an article. So, keep this keyword in the title of the post.

2.URL/Slug Short

URL is the only thing the user sees for the confirmation whatever the title says is correct or not. Whenever you do on-page SEO keep the URL/slug sweet and short as whenever a user reads the URL should be impressive.

3.Meta Description

A meta description is an area where you can get most of the engagements. A general would read the meta description as a summary of the article inside it. provide the correct and worthy wordings to get better traffic by seeing the description for the searched term.


Keyword research
is the first tool on-page SEO. Get better keywords that can get the traffic to a particular post or page.
Include the main keyword at the beginning of the article to better engagements.

5.LSI Keywords

Use the LSI(Latent semantic indexing) keywords are the easiest keywords to get traffic as per the SEO aspect. Focus on the keywords that are related to the topic you have selected.

6.Internal Linking

Internal linking is like not letting the user go out of your blog. I.e if you add links to the previous post if the user likes your current post he might read the related articles to that article. What I am trying to say is
Think like a user not as an author.

7.Link to other websites

Linking to other sites is like giving a backlink to them. Do not think in such a way as you are a beginner if you don’t mention it doesn’t matter but if you provide the external link user can quickly go to that particular page or services by clicking on the link in your article. If you are not satisfied with this you can provide the link but with the “No-follow” attribute. It basically provides the link but with a no-follow tag. It doesn’t have much weight in SEO.

8.Images with keywords

An article looks beautiful when you provide the images to it. Keep the images that look attractive and related to content. While inserting the image in the article always insert the keyword in the image “alt-text”, “image-title”, “image-caption” as google crawlers or any other bots cannot read image files. By assigning the keywords to the image it can easily rank you up.

9.Epic Content

I used the word epic not unique this means we cannot write completely unique article. Let us understand with an example If you want to sale “Lenovo laptop” you will write the title “Lenovo xxx[model]” We cannot change the name of the brand, if we do so we cannot sell our products. So don’t focus on unique content instead write the article in such a way that no-one has explained in detail.


So, these were some of the tips on On-Page Seo techniques that can drive more traffic easily with some simple work. Understand the complete guide to get a better rank in SERP results.

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