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Quick Guide to Digital Marketing in [2019]


Digital marketing. With the increase of internet usage in the world ways of buying products or services online also simultaneously increasing.

Quick Guide to Digital Marketing in [2019]

Would you believe more than 75% of the population is using internet service to buy online products, groceries, or any other services that can help them in their daily work?

Today we don’t have much time to go to stores and select the products and bill it. 

Instead, we want something that can help in getting rid of going to individual stores to looking for the product we want.

To solve these kinds of problems Digital marketing is the way of getting products delivered to your door without any effort.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing provides the way of promoting our business through online platforms like search engines, social networking sites, email marketings, regular SMS and many more…

What are the types of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is like whatever the engagements we get from online activities are mostly related to online marketing.

Below is the list of types of digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search engine optimization-Digital marketing

Search engine optimization is the foremost thought comes to the mind when we talk about types of digital marketing or simply digital marketing.

This is something that taking the business online by linking to search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc.

If you do the right SEO you can attract millions of traffic organically. The main goal of SEO is to optimize content that can attract people and also rank on the first page of SERP(Search Engine Result Page).

They are several methods by which you can rank high on search results. The hardest part in SEO is to follow the changes of search engine algorithms that change frequently as per necessity.

You need to optimize the content according to the algorithmic changes. Keep this in mind every business that has an only presence as website or blog needs to optimized by means of SEO.

Without SEO optimization you are not competitive the online market.

Search Engine Marketing(SEM)

Search engine marketing

Like we discussed above with SEO we can drive traffic in an organic way. But SEO is not the only way to get traffic to your website or blog from search engines.

SEM( Search Engine Marketing) is another way of getting lots of traffic by paying some amount to the searching engine for the keywords you want to get the traffic to your website.

Every search engine prefers the paid websites position to be first 4 results in search page.

Like we see organic results it looks the same just if you are a digital marketer you could have to understand the difference between them.

Google or other search engine shows the “Ad label” before the URL.

In the screenshot below we can see the paid results for the keyword or term “Digital marketing”

Guide to digital marketing

Social Media Marketing(SMM)

Social Media marketing- Digital marketing

In this generation, Social media is the king of marketing strategies in any aspect. It is considered as the main type of digital marketing.

Suppose if you want to promote a B2C business model it is the fastest means of medium to get lots of engagements through social media.

It is not only a medium to show news content or something like that it makes people in touch by means of friends, groups, pages etc where you can business from just explaining about your product or service in front of the needy people.

t is not only a medium to show news content or something like that it makes people in touch by means of friends, groups, pages etc where you can business from just explaining about your product or service in front of the needy people.

Now again let me clear that posting irrelevant content doesn’t get the business profits.

You should post the quality content to get the user’s engage by simply looking at your headline or product or service image(Infographics)

Let us consider your  business(XYZ) has a website Keep in mind always use social media sharing buttons for every page and post(If you have a blog)

Social media offers organic and paid traffic i.e it runs ads for your business to reach out to the people you look for the same service or product or might be based on the interest.

Every social media has its own algorithms for serving better for the customers. Like facebook and twitter run their own ad platforms to provide better service to the customers.

Content Marketing

Content marketing- Digital marketing

Content marketing is another way of getting online business. It is the indirect way of digital marketing as you publish the content that is related to your business that can boost up the sales.

Build the quality content to gain more visitors and there is a universal truth “Gaining the trust of a customer is the foremost goal in marketing” To do so write the content that can get users to your website in the form of SEO or SEM. Use the right keywords to relate your content and also products.

You can share the content in the form of blogs, papers, IGTV, webinars, etc. There is also possible to post on others website or blog this we call as “Guest Blogging” .

Email Marketing

Email marketing

Email marketing is completely different platform to get engagements to your business. It is the oldest form of marketing that was used to get better engagements for your products or service online. You will be amazed to know that it is successful in this era even.

It is an excellent way to increase your brand awareness among the people in the form of emails. Gain the trust of people and collect the email id’s then you can send the promotional events, offers and the latest collection details.

There are many ways of email marketing like we can create newsletter campaigns, notification emails, thank you emails after confirmation, about the products or services you provide.

The majorly used services for email marketing like MailChimp and Newsletter Plugins in the CMS platforms.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing

Smartphones are the most used devices in this generation every individual has a smartphone with internet facility, so in these days mobile marketing is the fastest growing medium in digital marketing.

According to the recent report by telecom service providers, SMS opening rate is more than 2018.

Besides sending sms you can build an app of your business and make it freely available on the android and Ios stores.

Convince people to install your app and provide them only truthful content and service.

Once the user installs app you can send them to push notifications to get better engagements and traffic to your website and app.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing

Viral marketing uses all the elements discussed in this article. To get your content viral you can write a post, create a video, meme or any other short text by that you can get engagements and leads to your products.

To create successful viral marketing describe your content on different channels like youtube, twitter, facebook and any other medium that has a lot of traffic per day.


To get the best results, you have to follow the necessary marketing skills and marketing type accordingly to gain profit.

There are many types of marketing discussed here but there are some types you need to follow definitely like Search engine marketing and Social media marketing.

While targeting the right audience don’t only think about the software but also look for hardware. I.e Target the audience based on the device they used and their interest.

After performing all these actions do remember to collect feedbacks as much as possible from existing and new customers or visitors, as there is no better way to build trust in your brand.

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