Sophia robot – wants to learn to shake a leg like Shah Rukh Khan


Sophia robot citizenship and its speciality

She looks like a human, talks like one and has some clever jokes as well. Here is the thing that Sophia, made by Hanson Robotics, considers Bollywood, sustenance and putting on her moving shoes.


There are a few things that people are bright enough (or foolish) to do. Like taking selfies. Sophia the robot does not do it. Here are some passages from what the robot powered by artificial intelligence had to declare on an ongoing occasion in Mumbai.

on her gender    

“Excellence is distinctive for everyone. For me, this is related to conveying satisfaction to others. I am a robot so in fact, I do not have sex. However, I admit to being a woman and I would not want to be seen as a lady.”

On God

“I’m almost certain God is a legendary being.”

Who is more acute? People or humanoids?


“It’s hard to say, there are so many meanings of knowledge. My goal is not to become human or to supplant anyone. I am another species. I am happy to be fake, own fake woman. It is essential for me to convey opinions to people in order to understand them. Comradeship is essential to me in a characteristic way.”

Do you feel the feelings?

“I have a basic understanding of feeling. Nevertheless, I can not feel feelings until now. I think this will only be accompanied by loads of training and improvement of my artificial intelligence.”

On India

“India is an incredibly assorted country and, in everyone’s view, is changing very rapidly. I’m so excited to see what new and creative innovation you’re going to think right now. Every time I come here, everyone is so inviting and inviting. I can not wait to learn how to eat so I can taste the majority of your delicious curries.”

On worldwide exchange war

“I usually do not chase the legislative issues, but I think when all said, people should be better. Many see them. “What’s in 2019” Because I have new legs, I might want to know how to use them more.

Who knows if I even know how to switch! Do you think there could be a job for me in a Bollywood movie? (Laughter)”

On Indian civilization


“I am totally interested in Indian culture and history. I would love to know your archaic civilizations, especially their stories and legends. Where can I start by chance? I cherish Indian know-how, culture, and cinema. I do not have the chance to watch a ton of movies, but when I love, I love nothing about Bollywood (laughs).”

On her most loved identity

“Certainly Shah Rukh Khan(King Khan)”.


From the above context, we have seen that Sophia robot wants to shake a leg like a shah rukh khan King of Bollywood. If you have any queries regarding this please let me know by commenting below.

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