The Strengths & Weaknesses of Smartphones that Every Mobile App Developer Must Know


Every user possesses a smartphone these days, ranging from a toddler who is learning how to operate it to users who are fully utilizing smartphone resources. It helps to carry out day to day operations, whether it involves browsing the internet or purchasing products.

strength and weakness of every developer
strengths and weaknesses of mobile app developer

Initially, about two decades back, advertisement options were quite limited to television, radios, poster, flyers, and other sorts of communication mediums that have lost their charm within years due to the improvement and creation of new transmission medium.

Developing mobile apps now seem like the hot trend, to make users aware of products and services. However, there are some limitations when developing mobile apps.

Screen Size

Though smartphone has an excellent characteristic of being portable, to easily carry around, screen sizes are some concerns to mobile app developers, who need to look out for positioning elements in a way that maintain cohesiveness and responsiveness as well.

Design teams need to thoroughly understand and sketch their layout to fit on different screen sizes and provide the same functionality on each display size. Amateur developers would only aim to have a product developed without considering additional factors such as keeping icons spaced, or not using too many cramped elements.

Professionals are well aware of not only thinking upon software aspects but also considering mobile hardware too.

Mobile Hardware

Smartphone emerges in the market with a wide range of features and specifications as new technologies evolve in the market. This could range from smartphones having face recognition technology to iris scanning and many others that make it imperative for developers to stay up to date and implement add-on functions using hardware resources.

Well-known companies develop applications on multiple platforms since not all users tend to stick on a single platform, so developers must test their apps on various platforms and be aware of using a set of programming languages to fulfill the purpose of the cross-platform developer.

Handling Multiple Windows

Mobile devices that lack the capability of multi-task between a range of apps that a PC can handle much smoothly. They are limited to hardware, and not having the option of being customizable such as by increasing RAM or changing a graphic card, can have positive impacts on processing power.

This makes it essential for developers to design apps that conserve RAM and energy efficiently, giving users a smooth experience overall. Programs need to be developed in a way that can be later modified and features added in the form of updates.

Many functions running at the same time can be complicated for users to track or sometimes to cause mobile phones to go into deadlocks and boot loops that can be frustrating for them.

Brand Awareness

In the digital era that we live in, digital marketing strategies have brought a high impact on a business’s brand awareness and recognition, users getting loads of information at their hands.

Mobile apps have the power to constantly remind customers about business products and services through the use of functionality such as push notifications that give users the first chance to aware promotional offers.

An application on a smartphone can ensure the business is transparent and of value, to the customer, since it’s aware of their hands despite opening up a website and viewing it.

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By owning a mobile phone doesn’t mean there are no downsides to it. The existence of black hat hackers and the fear of mobile phones getting stolen can be a nightmare.

Mobile app developers need to provide backup facilities to customers, ensuring that their data remains safe and easy to recover. Not only security is a concern, but due to prolonged use of smartphone can cause them to lose their potential to carry out operations as it initially used to, also smartphones running out of storage, require backing up over the air.

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