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The Best Duplicate Content Checker Reviewed 2019


duplicate content checker

Are you facing the duplicate content, scraped content, low-quality content issues in Google AdSense?

You are at the right place to get resolved all these issues.

Till now you might have written content to your blog and for confirmation of that content is plagiarism-free or duplication free you might have checked with different websites like smallseotools, copyleaks, plagtracker.edit my essay, etc.

If that particular show the content is 100% plagiarism free then you generally think that the written content is safe to publish.

But according to me, there are many websites that provide fake results on your content, basically what I mean is you copy some text from “XYZ” website and check for plagiarism where you regularly check.

I am sure that it will show that content as 100% plagiarism free or some parts of it, but we know that the content which we have pasted in that particular duplicate content checker website shows the wrong results.

We have copied that content from other website and how could it show duplicate free content?

In my opinion the majority of the duplicate content, the checker is spam and they do all this for traffic generation of their websites.

But keep remember we as a blogger do lots of efforts in writing the article, publishing it on different platforms to get quality backlinks, etc. 

When we do all these things we also assure that the content which we have written should be duplicate free.

Today we are sharing some of the websites that show the nearer results for your duplicate content

Let us see the best duplicate content checker(websites):


Copyscape-duplicate content checker

Copyscape is considered as the best website for checking of your duplicate content. I generally prefer it as the truth, because you can see the results after inserting the URL in the search bar it will show the list of websites that has content similar to your content on the provided URL.

I personally recommend you to use this tool for your website to clearly list out the URLs that have similar content.

This tool also has its WordPress plugin if you want you can try for the free trial and then decide to purchase.duplicate content checker WordPress plugin.

Copyscape WordPress plugin


It is not only free it also has some defects

  • After searching for 10 urls you are not allowed to check for other content.


Quetext- duplicate content checker

Quetext is another duplicate content checker I found it to be somewhat nearer to Copyscape,

Keep in mind that these kinds of websites reveal how they check the content if they do so they cannot survive in the field. 

Quextext is also a great tool to quickly find the content in your shows the duplicate content by underlining the lines in the provided text in the box.


  • It allows only 500 words to search at a time.


Siteliner- duplicate content checker

Siteliner is another great tool for checking duplicate content in your article,siteliner is used by the majority of bloggers to check for plagiarized content. This tool will not only check for duplicate content on your website but also shows you the broken links and more parameters.


  • It shows the internal duplications that I think are not recommended.


Gramamrly- duplicate content checker

Grammarly famously used for correction of grammar in the written text, it automatically detects the wrong phrases, words, sentences with a red underline. Apart from doing this, Grammarly also has a tool that finds the duplicate content in your text. 

Here you option of uploading files in different formats or simply you can paste the written document or you can continue writing in the provided box.

Grammarly suggests the necessary corrections in your provided text, not only grammar but also phrases.


  • It does not show duplicate content until you login 
  • If you want to correct your article you need to pay Grammarly in terms of plans.


Plagscan- duplicate content checker

Plagscan is also a good tool but I will not say it as an accurate one but I have tested in some cases and has seen the difference, it can help you in finding the duplicate content. Plagscan has many other features too lookup at their site. 

It is basically divided into three plans i.e Private, Education, and Business.


  • As a single registered user, you will get only 20 free points to check plagiarism
  • Based on the article length it calculates the points i.e if your article length is more than 500 words you need to buy points.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

1. How can I tell if the content is copied?

You cannot say the content is copied or not until you check in the above tools or websites. After being pasted the written text it shows the amount of “percentage” of duplicate content that content is underlined or highlighted in the text box.

2. How does Google detect duplicate content?

As Google is a widely used famous search engine it will never share these kinds of information with the bloggers or news media, if they do so we all will follow those guidelines and publish our content hassle-free.To find duplicate content they have their own parameters and algorithms.

To find duplicate content they have their own parameters and algorithms.

So to avoid all these write the content by yourself and that will definitely come under copied content unless you rewrite the content from other websites.

3. How do I check if a website is copyrighted?

To check the website is copyrighted they have DMCA protection badge in the footer section. Even if they don’t have do not copy content from that website, it will affect your SEO rankings.

If you even took some images from other websites do mention the source from where you have taken that.

4. How do I prevent duplicate content?

To prevent from duplicate content error follow these guidelines:

  • Unique content
  • Dont copy even a sentence
  • Unique images
  • Unique titles

5.Does duplicate content really matter?

Yes, it will highly matter. If you are expecting some earnings from google Adsense duplicate content has no place for ads. Even if you are not planning for adsense it will affect your SERP ranking as you cannot fool Google.

Google knows everything about your website from where you have copied the content etc.

6. Do duplicate page titles affect SEO?

I think NO, Till now I have not noticed any title duplicate error, why iam saying is if you write an article on mobile specifications you will definitely write Title as “ Samsung A10 Specifications”

The same title should be written by other bloggers to better understand their viewers(readers).

But might be I cannot confirm that google allows duplicate titles or not but I haven’t seen such incidents.

7. Is buying essays online safe?

Buying articles, essays online is safe until you choose the right platform or from freelancers  Before you buy articles or essays you ask them to check that article in the above-mentioned websites so that your spent money would not go waste.

As of now most of the content writers I see is they are selling the same article to different individuals. 

So whenever you plan to buy check its plagiarism and after buying don’t wait for the moment just upload it as many others are writing on the same topic.


So above I have explained the need for unique content and how you need to check for it, which websites are useful and which are not. 

With the above article, I have cleared issues regarding:

  • copyright check
  • free duplicate content checker
  • plagiarism checker

If you have any queries regarding the article you can contact me or you can express your view through the comment section below.

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Till now you might have written content to your blog and for confirmation of that content is plagiarism-free or duplication free you might have checked with different websites

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