Tiktok Banned In India?

tiktok banned

Google has blocked the very popular Video Application (TikTok) in India following the directives of the Madras High Court.

This means that now the Tiktok Video application cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store application. The measure comes after the decision in which the High Court rejected the request of Bytedance Technology of the Chinese company, in which the company had asked the court to prohibit the Tiktok application ban.

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The Madras High Court had asked the Center to ban a ban on Tiktok on April 3. At the same time, the court had said that the Tiktok app promotes pornography and is making the children sexually violent. Let me tell you that there is an allegation of serving pornographic material on the tiktok.

tiktok banned in inida

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The decision came on a episode when a person filed a public interest petition for the ban. According to an IT Ministry official, the Center sent a letter to Apple and Google to follow the order of the High Court. The government has asked Google and Apple to follow the order of the Madras High Court in which the popular mobile app stamp has been banned.

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 app in India was still available on Apple platforms till last Tuesday, but was not available on Google’s Play Store. Google said in a statement that it does not comment on this application but must by local laws.

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However, on Google’s move no comment has been made from Tiktok. Tiktok allows users to create and share videos with special effects. It has become quite popular in India but some politicians have criticized this app and they say that its content is inappropriate. A report in February said that this app has been downloaded by 240 million people in India so far.

tiktok banned in india

The Tik Tok application approaches the Supreme Court, the High Court of Madras orders the prohibition

Madras High Court had said in its order that media reports clearly show that through this kind of mobile app, porn and inappropriate content has been made available. The court also directed the media not to broadcast the video made with the tiktok. Please tell that the Tiktok App is owned by the company of Bytedance, a Chinese company. This app lets people make small videos and share them. In a statement on Tuesday, Tiktok said that he had full confidence in the Indian judicial system.

The Supreme Court, at the Tiktok App, currently refuses to ban the High Court’s decision. The Supreme Court said that the High Court is currently hearing the case and now the next hearing will be on April 23. The Madras High Court’s decision has been challenged in the Supreme Court and demand for a ban on the order of the High Court has been sought in the petition. Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court has directed the central government to ban the download of video app tiktok. At the same time, the court has directed the media not to broadcast it.

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