Top 7 Tips to Secure your WiFi Network From Bad Guys


Tips to secure your wifi network!In today’s world, can you imagine a life without internet?

I think your answer will be NO, the internet is nowadays very important to all of us. Around the world, WiFi is used to access the Internet easily without any headache from the wired network connection.

The use of a WiFi network also increases the security risks because it is easily accessible to all users of its radius, which can include criminals who can hack your network.

Today, in this article, we will share some of the best tips to protect your Wi-Fi network from being a hack and, by applying these simple Wi-Fi security tips, you can make your Wi-Fi protected from the bad ones.

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1.Always change your default WiFi Name

When you buy a new router, it is associated with a default wifi connection name, such as “Linksys”. This sounds very unprofessional, and hackers can point to your Wi-Fi network. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the name of your default wifi router with funny and fun wifi names, to make it super cool and unique, and Make your neighbors smile with your wifi name.

2.Change Your Default WiFi Password To a Strong One

The default wifi router password is very weak and it is very easy to decipher by hackers. You can change the password of your wifi router from the router configuration. Always configure your wifi router to a strong one that contains a secure password: 12 characters, minimum. Includes numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase. It does not depend on obvious substitutions (like “H0use”, it does not create a secure password when changing with 0). Example of a secure password “My_Home$e1234”.

So always choose a secure password to be strong enough for hackers.

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3.Turn off the WPS

The WPS button helps you connect Wi-Fi easily without entering the password, just press the WPS button while connecting your device. It facilitates the connection between your device and the wifi router, but, on the other hand, it is also risky.

If everyone who wants a wifi can easily access their Wi-Fi router, you can easily connect your device to your Wi-Fi by simply pressing a button. The more users are connected to wifi, the speed will decrease. So, if you want limited users and good security for your Wi-Fi network, be sure to disable WPS in the router settings.

4.Use Strong Wireless Encryption

The “WEP” encryption is not a solid encryption. It can be deciphered by the tools, since Aircrack and the hackers can enter your network in an instant. There are numerous ciphers available such as WEP, WPA and WPA2.

Among all the encrypted, WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access version 2) is strong and is commonly used today, which helps keep your network safe against hackers. As the technology progresses, as new encryption becomes available, update your router as soon as possible.

5.Shut down the router when it’s not being used

It is good practice to turn off the router when it is not being used. If your router is not used during the day and night, it is recommended to turn off the router when it is not in use. This will help you to cut off access to your bad Wi-Fi.

6.Always Keep Your Router Firmware Update

Regularly check your router’s firmware updates on your router’s company websites and make sure you keep the router’s firmware up-to-date because it is very important that in each new update you correct some bugs and patches that help you keep your router safer.

7.Monitor your network

You can easily control your network from the configuration of your router and monitor who is using your Wi-Fi and if you find a suspicious user, you can kick them and secure your router, and it will also help you increase your Wi-Fi speed. Eliminate unwanted users from your network

Therefore, these are some simple wifi security tips for your wifi network. By applying these tips for your network, you can do it safely and you can use it without fear of hacking. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this post leave a comment below.


Above we have learned how to stay safe from being hacked by letting someone to use your wifi network.So,these are some of the tips to secure your wifi network if you have any queries regarding this you can comment below to get more details about the topic.

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