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Top Best Digital Marketing Tools for business in 2019


Social networking tools

Social networking applications are the most used on the web, mainly because of the evolution of smartphones. A French person with an internet connection would spend about 5 hours a day on average.

Community managers and network management tools, therefore, become essential for businesses.

1.Hootsuite Software:

Hootsuite software | Digital marketing tools

Hootsuite is the flagship application for social networking. First, it is available on all operating system platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Windows Mobile, etc.).

Besides, the app allows managing several publications on social networks simultaneously. It also allows you to schedule advertisements well in advance, and even to Search Groups Or Communities created by other administrators.

This last option is not trivial. This allows us analyzing, as much as possible, the feedback of your marketing activities on several connected objects.

2.The Buffer app:

Buffer | Internet marketing tools

Although it is less recommended than its Hootsuite rival, the Buffer software is nevertheless a serious alternative. And for a good reason, it takes a lot of useful and convenient features.

Indeed, this app can also manage publications on social networks. Besides, it offers a complete attractive design and excellent stability.

3.Over graph software made in France:

Over graph | Internet marketing tools

Over graph is a promising software created by the firm 909c based in Montreuil in the Paris region. This young application is already well established in the sphere of community management. It offers visualization of data, essential for monitoring.

4.The Buzz Sumo app:

Buzzsumo | Digital marketing tools

Buzz Sumo is an indispensable accessory for community management. It retrieves the content web page, and then publish on social networks, or just displaying links pages.

5.Tweet Deck for tweeter users:

TweetDeck | Digital marketing tools

This rather fundamental tool makes it possible to plan the publications and to manage several accounts on tweeter. Unlike traditional community management apps, the app offers new options. Most of its features are not found on other software.

The tools of e-mailing:

The term e-mailing is well known in the field of direct marketing. It is a technique of commercial communication that consists of sending e-mails to Internet users.

In addition to attracting many Internet users, this process combines the advantage of low cost and simplicity. Here are the tools of a successful e-mailing campaign:

1.The Sarbacane software:

sarbacane | Internet marketing tools

There is a multitude of e-mailing software. Making the right choice becomes difficult. However, in this tide of applications, the software Sarbacane pulls out of the game by offering one of the best offers in the field.

This is a solution that offers many features that can be used with ease. These advanced options make it easy to perform an e-mailing action.

2.Digitale, the French solution:

digitale french solution| Digital marketing tool
Digitale French Solution

Digitale is an e-mailing software designed and launched in France by ambitious entrepreneurs. Their goals were simple: to provide a tool to track the target and to retain it.

With its many features, Digitale is a simple and practical accessory used by many companies around the world.


Send in blue| Marketing tool

The Sendinblue e-mailing tool is probably the most versatile and accessible solution to the market. Indeed, by its very aggressive rates and its simplicity, this software adapts to all the exchanges and all the strategies.

In addition to its high value, the Sendinblue solution is available in several languages, including French, English German or Spanish.

4.Get response:

GetResponse| Digital marketing tools

This bilingual software offers an extensive range of advanced options. Moreover, its use and interface are remarkably simple.

These numerous solutions each have their advantages and disadvantages. However, it is essential to point out that the main benefit of e-mailing lies in the low cost.

Indeed, no need to spend more than 100 euros per month, for a shipment of more than 5000 e-mails.

Essential tools for SEO

SEO is a necessary technique for the survival of websites. It guarantees the visibility of a company on Google and other search engines. The leading SEO techniques are:

SEO still called natural SEO.

The SEA or paid to reference.

The SMO designates all the techniques and solutions used to increase the visibility of social networks on the web.

SEO success is necessarily based on the perfect mastery of these techniques. However, when a company wants to measure and improve the SEO level of its website, many tools are available.

1.The Google Search Console:

Google search console| SEO tools
Google Search Console

Best SEO audit tools. This solution has the particularity to offer a plethora of accessories for positioning help on the websites.


dareboost | SEO tools

Dareboost produces a comprehensive report on the quality and performance of websites. The significant advantage of this accessory is its unparalleled simplicity.


yooda | SEO tools

This tool has the particularity of being entirely in French. Therefore, it is ideally suited for sites designed in the language of Molière. Besides, his analysis of SEO performance is fast and accurate.

4.Google trends:

Google trends | SEO tools
Google trends

Google trends are the instrument for measuring patterns and modes on search engines. It can, therefore, be used to adjust or guide the management of websites.

Digital marketing is an asset within the reach of all companies. However, to take full advantage, it is essential to have strategy excellence.

Whatever the size of your company and its specialties, there is little chance that you do not know that the Internet is at the moment a fantastic opportunity to shape a sharp brand image and to conquer new markets.

If digital marketing imposes its power on traditional marketing, it is linked to the proliferation of connected media.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

1. What tools do digital marketers use?

There are many tools that you can use as per your level like if you are at a beginner level I would suggest free tools like Ubersuggest, Ahrefs free tools, Semrush, google keyword planner, buffer, etc.

2. Which are the most useful online marketing tools?

The most used tools are Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, Semrush and the google product Keyword planner for a site audit, Keyword research and other link strategies, etc. You can use these digital marketing tools for better growth in your business.

3. What is the best marketing tool for a small business?

The best digital marketing tools for a small business are free tools like Ubersuggest, Google keyword planner, Semrush, Google search(Keyword suggestion).

4. How can I get free digital marketing?

Digital marketing is like an ocean as Google regularly updates its algorithm. To learn Digital marketing you can learn from Digital Garage (Google’s platform) for learning free.

And also you can learn from youtube great source to learn any type of content absolutely free. Follow the good tutor who is teaching digital marketing free and complete the course modules by regular practice.

You can also learn from blogs that are available on digital marketing, follow our website for any type of digital marketing content and digital marketing tools.

5. Is SEO free?

Yes, SEO is not the product of any company or organization. The more you know about the search engine and its algorithms then you are an SEO expert.

Make sure to learn on a regular basis from any sources to update yourself. But if you are willing to learn in an institute where you can enroll in the Digital marketing course near your location.


So here we have discussed the best digital marketing tools for business, Every business needs to optimized according to the digital world and new ideas in marketing.

If you know any business officials or you want to work for business, try these tools it will surely help you in many aspects.

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Best Digital Marketing Tools


Here we have discussed some of the tools that can be used for digital marketing for better engagements and business growth.

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