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wordpress vs php
WordPress vs PHP

If you’re one of those entrepreneurs, who decided to take advantage of online platforms for their business but still confused about whether to choose WordPress or PHP for their website creation, both are different from each other, PHP is a server-side scripting language while WordPress is CMS which develop in PHP.

Most of the people prefer PHP for their website development as it is the most desired programming language.

WordPress and PHP both have their pros and cons. Let’s understand both individually to decide which one is best for the online business. 

Pros of PHP

  • Economic and Opensource Language 
  • PHP is an opensource language that is easily accessible for developers and IT managers. And the best part is, you don’t have to empty your bank, by paying the little amount you can buy a license to use the PHP.

    Also, it has a large number of developers, and their number is increasing day by day. There are hundreds of ready-made PHP solutions available to create amazing websites and applications.

    Using PHP is very easy and provides hassle-free accessibility that lessens the threshold of entry into the PHP coding. 

  • Time Efficiency
  • Because PHP is partially an object-oriented language, that’s why it provides developers with an opportunity to reuse the code easily. Thus, the web development process becomes time efficient and save effort as well.

    Several PHP frameworks are available, and each of them is designed to perform specific tasks and functions. Originally, PHP was optimized for creating web applications quickly.

    Built-in functions in PHP like POST and GET requests works smoothly with HTML and URLs which helps to reduce time require for development and eventually investment to pay off more quickly. 

  • Compatible and Flexible
  • The best advantage of PHP is that it is very versatile, highly flexible and compatible with all major web platforms, has 20 databases and supports leading servers.

    That’s the reason designers and developers prefer PHP to create cross-platform applications that help business organizations to maximize current infrastructure with the minimal possible cost and help to increase the profit margins by bounds and leaps.

    PHP and HTML are the best combos to use because PHP perfectly integrates with JavaScript, XML, WML, etc. you can easily make changes on your site thanks to the dynamic nature of PHP. 

  • Ideal Scalability
  • In order to make the necessary changes demanded by clients, IT companies involved in custom PHP development need to run different software modules.

    PHP codes are well-documented and transparent that helps you to maintain scalable IT projects and can generate many pages with almost all settings.

    Developers can easily detect what’s happening and can safely implement iterative development without any delay. 

  • Free Support and Update
  • Thanks to its excellent readability, PHP code is easy to modify, which means fewer problems with support and update.

    The exceptional nature of PHP projects of adapting new applications very quickly that appears on the market and new business requirements.

    Because of the contribution of an open community, the meet of new functionality and emerging needs of the business seems regularly but doesn’t cost you anything.

  • Open for Broad Hosting Services
  • All trusted hosting services companies are a fan of PHP as it provides hosting services for sites on it. Companies endeavor PHP support free of cost or at very low-cost plans featuring unlimited volume and free domain name. 

    Pros of Word-press

    On the flip, WordPress is one of the most popular CMS, used and appreciated by millions of website owners all across the world.

    WordPress used widely because of its free availability, loads of free plugins and themes, regular updates, high scalability, inbuilt SEO features, etc.

    WordPress is now making its strong position as many leading companies prefer it to maintain a substantial online presence on the web with very little investment.

    Get excited by WordPress? Hold on because it has certain limitations as well.

    The biggest con of WordPress is that WordPress websites are a game of children for hackers. They can easily hack these sites by using sophisticated technologies that can bring your site down and can destroy your image in a day.

    Also, you may have to face the problems while expanding and adding new features to your site.

    Businesses that hold long term plans in different countries are recommended not to use WordPress. It is only suitable for small and medium-scale companies.  

    Which one is better PHP or WordPress?

    With all above mention pros of PHP, we can clearly understand that PHP offers economy, scalability, compatibility, simplicity, and convenience.

    PHP combining with other technologies becomes highly suitable for every type of IT projects, whether it is simple site development or CRM solutions or large portals.

    On the other hand, WordPress has limited access and cons that can bring unforgettable damage to one’s site. Further “WordPress is not suitable for long-term plan business”. But every business dignified for future growth and expansion. 

    Those who have a small or medium-scale business can choose WordPress, but for more considerable business web resources, PHP is undoubtedly the best option.

    Before jumping to PHP and WordPress, determine your business scale and needs and use one of two accordingly. get well information on WordPress vs PHP to get a deep understanding of it.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

    1. What is the difference between WordPress and PHP?

    PHP is an Open source server-side scripting language, it is a programming language used to create dynamic and interactive websites whereas WordPress is the CMS(Content Management System) it is also written in PHP. It is developed for users who don’t know much about PHP so that they can use drag and drop options and create a beautiful website.

    2. Should I learn PHP for WordPress?

    Ther is no particular need for learning PHP if you don’t have programming knowledge. I would recommend you to use WordPress and learn some tweaks by editing your theme code so that it will be easy for you to create pages of your interest.

    3. Is WordPress based on PHP?

    Yes, WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL, Most of the code is written in PHP, but it also contains other languages likes Javascript, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, etc.

    4. Is PHP difficult to learn?

    I will like would say PHP or any other programming language is not easy if you don’t understand its syntax. This depends on how you take programming concepts in you. There is nothing difficult or easy.

    5. Does WordPress need coding?

    Yes, if you want something other than your theme provides you need to learn to code so that you can edit any column or any part of your website design. But if you are a beginner you just learn WordPress drag and drop Built-in CSS tool.


    So this was the contrast between WordPress and PHP. If you are looking for a larger business website you can build a website on PHP hiring a web developer. If you have any suggestions or any doubts on WordPress vs PHP you can drop a comment below to get clarified.

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    Wordpress VS PHP


    Here we have listed some of the pros and cons of Wordpress and PHP with these you can rid of confusion between which platform is better to choose and why.

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